Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis

Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis

Knee brace for osteoarthritis can help relieve pain by shifting weight off of damaged areas of your knees. The stability and support provided by the knee brace will allow you walk comfortably without any pain. According to a study conducted by Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 27 million adults have osteoarthritis in United States alone.

Osteoarthritis knee brace is one of the best and effective non-invasive method of treating Osteoarthritis pain. It will realign your knee and most importantly delay or sometimes prevent the need for joint replacement surgery. They cannot be real substitute to other treatments but they assist and aid in promoting healing.

It is well known fact that knee osteoarthritis do not have effective treatments but studies have found that wearing knee braces for osteoarthritis significantly reduces the pain and lessen the progression of painful disease.  Osteoarthritis is wear and tear form, which is one among the 100 forms of arthritis.

OA knee brace are great in spreading the load of the body across the entire knee. Otherwise, the load will irritate one specific area resulting in massive pain. Moreover, knee brace for osteoarthritis are easy to wear and extremely affordable & cheap when compared to surgery costs.

Even, these braces can be used for long because they are extremely useful for patients from structural point of view and even, they do not have any side-effects. So, there is no excuse for you to have an effective, comfortable and best knee brace for osteoarthritis.

Since, there are several types of knee braces for osteoarthritis, we have carefully handpicked the best knee braces that are quite effective and fits your budget. Even, the material used to manufacture braces are different i.e. plastic, metal and other composite material.

Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis

Since Osteoarthritis is painful form of arthritis, it is divided into 3 grades – mild, moderate and severe. According to the grades, there are three types of knee braces for osteoarthritis: unloader knee brace, advanced OA knee brace and general Osteoarthritis knee brace. Here we will discuss some of the best osteoarthritis knee brace reviews.

(A) Unloader Knee Brace

The name says it all. Unloader knee brace will effectively unloads the weight or stress from the affected region. The hinges will distribute the weight evenly to the stronger regions of the knee. For example, if you have pain in inner region, then it will unload stress to outside and if you have pain in outer region, then it will unload the stress to inner region.

Doctors and physical therapists generally prescribe these braces for those patients, who have medial knee Osteoarthritis (Inner knee pain). However, some brace are adjustable, so if you are experiencing lateral knee osteoarthritis (outer knee pain), then you can easily adjust the brace  with hinges. These knee braces are extremely useful while you are waiting for replacement surgery and they are perfect knee brace for severe osteoarthritis.

1. DonJoy OA Lite Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

DonJoy OA Lite Osteoarthritis Knee BraceThis is the perfect and most effective knee brace for mild osteoarthritis. If you have mild pain in one side of the knee, then this knee brace is for you because it provides targeted support and stability to your knee. The pneumatic-condyle pad can be easily adjustable and positioned according to your level of activity.  The patella opening hole will improve airflow and keeps you cool in summer.

Donjoy OA lite will decrease the pain without any side effects and improve the functioning of knee joint. The sleek and breathable design will easily fit in your loose pants. Easy to wear and wash, this OA knee brace is perfect solution for budget conscious patients. Overall, it will help in improving quality of your life.

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2. DonJoy OA Nano Knee Brace

DonJoy OA Nano Knee BraceDonjoy OA Nano is perfectly designed for very active persons, who have mild to moderate arthritis. It is world’s lightest knee brace weighing at 14.2 ounces. The lightweight brace will help you offload weight and provide relief from pain. If you have pain in medial or lateral part, this brace can be adjusted. Made with nano MAGTM, it will perfectly shifts stress from the painful region to stronger region of the knee.

With this knee brace for osteoarthritis, you can use tread mill for light walking and light jogging. You can even use it in water but you need to rinse the water from the hinges. The brace is washable but it is advisable to hand wash it. This is the best knee brace for you to continue your daily activities. However, it is slight expensive but health matters more than any other thing in the planet.

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(B) Advanced OA Knee Brace

These knee braces provide much-needed relief from the Osteoarthritis pain by providing support and reducing abnormal weight off the knee joint. If the patient is affected with mild or moderate pain, then these advanced braces will give you confidence while walking or performing any activity. Otherwise, you will feel instability or weakness in your knees.

1. Neo G Medical Grade VCS Stabilized Open Knee with Patella Support

Neo G Medical Grade VCS Open Patella Knee SupportNeo G is leading sports and medical support manufacturers in the World. Based in UK, It is registered with the FDA, the MHRA, & Health Canada. Their products are recognized as  brand of Class 1 Medical device by UK Regulatory Agency. This open knee brace is specially designed to support knees while performing daily activities or mild sporting activities.

The metal spiral is flexible and open patella hole will increase airflow during workouts. Overall, this knee brace for osteoarthritis will avoid your knee from twisting or gliding during any activity. It uniformly distribute the stress or pressure across the knee joint. Athletes involved in tennis, skiing and gold can use this brace for maximum support and stability in their knees. It is dynamic brace which can be used as occupational purpose also.

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2. McDavid Ps II Hinged Knee Stabilizer

McDavid Ps II Hinged Knee StabilizerWith two Polycentric hinges, this McDavid hinged knee brace provides maximum support and stability to the knee joint. The therapeutic neoprene keeps your knees warm and compressed. It is lightweight, adjustable and durable knee brace. The material used is nylon, which is tough and durable. The straps can be used to place the brace perfectly on your knees.

The knee brace do not cause abrasions or irritation at the back of the knee. It is most useful brace in the market specially off the shelf braces. Easy to wear and comfortable while using. If you want additional support during athletic activities, then this knee brace is suitable for your needs.

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(C) General Osteoarthritis Knee Brace

These braces are therapeutic in nature i.e. providing heat and compression to the affected part of the knee. These basic braces features helps the Osteoarthritis pain and swelling to lessen significantly. Patients with mild Osteoarthritis affecting one part or complete joint can use these knee braces for maximum support and relief.  They are perfect in improving the quality of live without any single side effect.

1. Mueller Adjustable Knee Support

Mueller Adjustable Knee SupportMueller is performance driven brace manufacturer since 1961.  They pioneered the sports medicine and still leading from front. The Mueller adjustable knee support is driven with comfort and durability. This knee brace for osteoarthritis is lightweight and allows full range of motion for weak knees. The straps allows the control over the compression and fits precisely on your knees. Made with soft neoprene, this brace helps in heat retention.

The open patella design allows the airflow to keep you cool during summer and workouts. It will help in stabilizing knee and reduces the any kind of soreness or swelling. Since this brace is for mild osteoarthritis, you can play golf or any other sports with ease. The price is cheap and will fits in anyone’s budget.

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2. ACE Knee Support

ACE Knee SupportACE was the first company to develop bandage in United States back in 1918, which clearly shows about their innovative approach towards sports medicine. They are trusted brand for nearly 100 years. The ACE knee support provides maximum stability to weak knee by supporting knee ligaments. It is better than any other normal sleeve or pullover.

Lightweight and breathable design,  this knee support for osteoarthritis is designed to provide medial as well as lateral stability. It is able to reduce general soreness and swelling. The open patella design will keep pressure off the kneecap and even avoid the brace from slipping while performing any athletic activity like jumping, hiking, cycling, etc. Perfect brace for people having mild osteoarthritis.

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Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis – Conclusion

Thus, knee brace for osteoarthritis actually reduce significant pain. If the knee  brace is lightweight, then studies have proven that they are able to correct misaligned bones and prevent the soft tissues from experiencing abnormal pressure.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that these osteoarthritis knee braces cannot cure the problem. They just acts like an aid and reduce the symptoms and delay in surgery.  Initially, they can be uncomfortable, but once you get used to them, they provide you massive relief and comfort.

Knee braces are perfect sport medicine device, which can be used along with other important medications like knee strengthening exercises, physical therapy and rehabilitation process.


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