Chondromalacia Patella Brace

chondromalacia patella brace

Chondromalacia patella brace is extremely useful for many people but not all because the condition of the injury varies greatly in every patient. But, along with muscle strengthening exercises and stretches, chondromalacia brace will help you in recovering from the condition effectively and prevent the injury to recur. Even, they provide much-needed support and comfort to the knee while performing daily activities

Chondromalacia patella is actually caused when articular cartilage wears away and kneecap or patella rubs against the bones, which will result in inflammation and pain. Chondromalacia patella brace will improve patellar tracking i.e. allowing the patella to track smoothly in the femoral groove and provide stability in the knee joint.

There are many different knee braces in the market. So, for your ease, we have done extensive research to find the best knee brace for chondromalacia patella. Here you will discover top 5 chondromalacia patella brace reviews.

Top 5 Chondromalacia Patella Brace

1. DonJoy Reaction Knee Brace

donjoy-reaction-knee-braceDonjoy reaction is undoubtedly one of the perfect knee braces for people suffering from chondromalacia patella. The webbed design acts like a shock absorber and prevents the painful area from experiencing unnatural forces. It will even assists the patella to track properly in its groove, which will help in stabilizing the knee joint.

Donjoy reaction brace can be worn while performing daily activities or involving in sports because the hinges are extremely flexible and helps in distributing the forces evenly across the knee. In addition, the simple webbed design is breathable  and provide optimum comfort.

People complaining about the chondromalacia patella pain often report the instant relief from this knee brace because it prevent the kneecap from experiencing any force or pressure. It is also available in wide range of sizes and colors.

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2. Mueller Jumpers Knee Strap

Mueller-Jumper-Knee-StrapThis is a classical product from Mueller, which has been providing quality sports medicine products throughout the globe since 1961. Mueller Jumpers Knee Strap is made of neoprene and nylon and comes at dirt cheap price.

This chondromalacia patella brace is easy to wear and provide great comfort. The design will improve patellar tracking and distribute the forces uniformly. Available in black, blue, red, pink, green, gold, and orange, it is one of the cheapest knee straps available in the market.

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3. Pro-Tec Athletics The Lift Knee Support

Pro-Tec Athletics The Lift Knee SupportPro-Tec Athletics are the premier manufacturers of sport medicine products in the United States of America. The Lift Knee Support is actually a combination of knee strap and knee sleeve, which will effectively alleviates the condition of chondromalacia patella.

This knee support is better than single knee straps because during sports, there is greater possibility of the latter to fall down. In addition, the compression sleeve will provide support to the knee. It is easy to use and washable. Many certified physical therapists recommend Pro-Tec Athletic’s The Lift Knee Support for patients diagnosed with chondromalacia patella.

This knee support is available in 4 sizes – small, medium, large and X-large. You will be able to walk properly without any pain after wearing this knee support.

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4. McDavid Multi Action Strap

McDavid Multi Action StrapMcDavid is most popular sports medicine products and protective apparel producers in the world. Their products are wore by professional athletes involved in basketball, baseball, football, lacrosse, and crossfit. The multi action strap is definitely a great  product from McDavid, which specially designed for chondromalacia and patellar tracking.  It has two adjustable buttresses and velcro closures.

This knee strap is life-saving product for many emerging athletes because it is effective in allowing you to perform sporting activities safely. It is also a perfect alternative to taping and provides optimum comfort. Unlike from other knee straps, this multi action strap neither slip down nor irritate the skin. Available in small/medium, X-large and large/XL sizes, it will fit easily on right or left knee.

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5. ProBand KneedIT XM Magnetic Knee Support

ProBand KneedIT XM Magnetic Knee SupportProBand is leading manufacturer and distributer of innovative products that are specially designed to alleviate knee pain and prevent repetitive stress injuries. The KneedIT XM magnetic knee support is no stranger to athletes because it is quite effective in case of condition of chondromalacia patella.

This magnetic knee support helps in proper patellar tracking and have two magnets to provide relief from pain, tenderness and swelling. The magnets is believed to increase the blood circulation which helps in promoting quick healing. It has been proved beneficial in many cases. It comes in only one size and is extremely comfortable while at home, work or sports.

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While chondromalacia patella brace provide support and decrease pain, it should always be combined with muscle strengthening exercises and stretches. Knee braces are actually aid in healing and will helps you in continuing your sporting activities sooner or later.

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